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Me Too? An Open Letter to Alyssa Milano

Dear Alyssa, First of all, thank you for dedicating your platform to making space for a conversation about sexual violence by sparking off the #MeToo hashtag last night (EDITED: which was originally started by Tarana Burke.). I have no doubt your heart is in a good...

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Evolving The Enliven Project

What if we could normalize conversations about sexual violence among young men? What would the world look like for survivors? What would it look like for perpetrators or potential perpetrators? How might organizations and communities transform themselves as a result?...

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The Uncomfortable Conversation Video Project

Talk About it: A Video Campaign The Uncomfortable Conversation, Inc. seeks partners on a ground-breaking video campaign designed to spark and support practical conversations about sexual violence among Millennial men (ages 15-25). This campaign will help advance...

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Player, don’t play me

As a sales person, I generally appreciate a good sell. When I’ve bought cars or other major purchases, I am entertained by selling techniques and tactics. When it comes to selling a product or service or raising money for a cause, overcoming objections is a key skill...

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Practice makes perfect

Talking about sexual violence takes practice. There’s no shame in that. And most of us don’t get a chance to play out the various scenarios and conversations before we’re actually having them. When I’m out talking to people about my work, men and women of all ages...

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Even the most compassionate men and women struggle with what to say when it comes to sexual violence.