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Presentations and Workshops

Sarah regularly leads presentations and workshops for nonprofit and business leaders, employers and managers, college students, and young professionals on how to talk about sexual violence. Sample topics include 25 Ways to Support Survivors, Employers and Sexual Violence, Grantmaking Strategies to Support Sexual Violence, Why Survivors Matter (by sector, industry, or community focus area). Custom topics are available upon consultation and request.


Sarah is available for keynote presentations at conferences, on college campuses, and other public events. Topics include The Truth About Men and Sexual Violence, Dropping the Blame Game, Practical Advice to Support Survivors, Power and Beauty of Survival, or custom topics for your audience on engaging men, leading uncomfortable conversations, or sexual violence and its impact.


As someone who is comfortable getting uncomfortable, Sarah is available to help facilitate small group discussions with business leaders, athletes, fraternity leaders and other groups of men (or women) who are beginning to explore their connection to sexual violence survivors and the issue at-large. These smaller, more intimate conversations are designed to create the non-judgmental environment in which real conversation, learning, and self-assessment can take place.

Private Consultation

As a leader of an organization in crisis or an influencer, you may find yourself wanting to explore the issue of sexual violence more deeply . Perhaps you want to use your platform or brand to influence the issue, but you aren’t sure how to go about it. Perhaps you put your foot in your mouth and now you want to take it out. Sexual violence can be a tough issue to navigate.  Sometimes you need a trusted friend and advisor to support you through your own discomfort, articulate obstacles in your way, and develop a plan to move forward. Sarah is available for 1/1 consultation to help you figure out a personal or organizational strategy to impact sexual violence and support survivors.

Start getting uncomfortable.

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