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A New Year’s Tradition: 100 Mini-Goals

Whether you are for or against New Year’s Resolutions, there’s no doubt that the New Year can bring a breath of fresh air and energy to redefine or realign your priorities. For the last couple of years, I’ve embraced a practice that works really well for me, a...
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Your Birth Story

Note:  After giving birth, I learned about the power and ritual in sharing a birth story.  Each birth story is the unique and perfect experience of how a child and a parent come together for the first time.  Families are created and expanded in so many ways, and this...
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Girl, I would build cities for you

What would you say to your closest friend if she were raped or sexual assaulted?  How would you respond?  What words of comfort would you offer him? Sometimes, we are afraid to say anything.  We are afraid to say the wrong thing, or not the best thing.  Or, we might...
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