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Twitter, I get it now.

I think I finally understand what Twitter is all about. I know, I’m a little late to the game, but cut me some slack- technically I’m a GenXer not a Millennial.  Both Facebook and Twitter are like parties, with a different set of guests and styles....
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Hallmark Cards and Cupcakes

The fall is birthday season in my life, so I have been thinking about the kind of friend I am, and the kind of friend I am not. I am not a friend who often remembers to send cards – and will often forget birthdays.  I don’t make crafty gifts and pin photos...
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The Truth About False Accusation Revisited

With recent attention on UVA and the Rolling Stone story, there has been a new wave of discussion about The Truth About False Accusation graphic on social media and even on the Washington Post that has compelled me write about this topic again, two years later. While...
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