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The Johnny Reads by Third Grade Syndrome

Here’s the story of Johnny: Poor Johnny didn’t know how to read.  And now he does.   Here are the things that helped him: Free breakfast at school so he wasn’t so hungry that he couldn’t learn Training provided to his teacher about supporting literacy Training...

Walking the walk? A critical guide to analyzing your campus’ commitment to sexual assault prevention

In the wake of negative media coverage for colleges and universities being sued under Title IX, a number of institutions of higher education are announcing new hires in sexual assault prevention. These hires are receiving media attention, and there is no doubt that...

It’s just a job. So stop stressing about the rest of your life.

I just had coffee with one of the many amazing and soon to be college graduates in my life.  She suggested that I write down my snippets of apparent wisdom that I have picked up over the years.  Here they are in all their (hopefully) glory:   You are not going to...