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Rape makes you feel incredibly alone.  When your body is attacked, the only place to retreat is deep inside yourself.  The irony is that by protecting yourself in this way – protecting your body from any more pain or violence – you cut yourself off from...
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What the Media is Missing from the AAU Climate Survey on Campus Sexual Assault

  This week, the Association of American Universities released the results of a nationwide campus climate survey exploring campus violence. This survey was the largest of its kind and reached 150,000 students from 27 colleges and universities. We applaud the AAU...
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A Friend Was Sexually Assaulted: What do I do?

What You Need To Know: When a friend discloses to you, you may feel a range of emotions: shock, surprise, denial, sadness or anger. Whatever you are feeling, it’s normal and natural. But don’t let your emotions stand in the way of being a supportive,...
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