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Lessons from a viral rape infographic

One night, in early 2013, I posted an image to my new Tumblr blog illustrating themes around fear of being falsely accused of rape and chances of rapists being convicted of their crimes. It was my third post, and part of a larger project I was formulating about...
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Living in a Binary World

As a woman who dated both women and men before marrying my husband, I encountered many inconsistent beliefs and attitudes about my non-binary sexuality. I wasn’t straight enough to hang out with straight girls – they were afraid I might come on to them or steal their...
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What to say when you learn a friend is a sexual violence survivor

If you’ve met me, chances are I’ve told you I’m a survivor of sexual violence. I tell a lot of people. I always have. Part of my mission in life is to break down the shame and stigma that comes along with being a survivor. I’ll tell you straight up, usually in...
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