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3 Simple Questions to Make Summer Camp Safe for All Kids

Summer camp can evoke positive memories of friends, sports, swimming, and sitting around a campfire. Maybe you attended summer camp yourself. Maybe you worked as a camp counselor. Or maybe you see kids heading off to camp in the community where you live and work. For...
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Four Things Every College Freshman Should Know About Sexual Violence

It’s real. You are going to college. You visited campus, signed on the dotted line, and started planning out the décor for your dorm room. Your freshman year of college is a time of excitement, intense learning, and independence. New friends. New experiences. New...
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Movements and Minga

I recently met Katie Simon, a senior at Concord Academy, and the founder of this amazing group called Minga.  Minga is an organization focused on organizing youth to raise awareness about the child sex trade.  Katie's opinion is that we have have an...
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