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Secrets to a Happy Fundraising Career (and a sane one too)

Development professionals are a unique breed.  We are a critical part of any nonprofit organization yet our work lives are necessarily externally facing.  We face intense pressures and high expectations, and while we are (often) compensated well for it, it takes its...
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Three reasons you should know (and care about) John Surma

As a survivor of sexual assault and abuse, I watched the media coverage of the allegations against Sandusky and administrators at Penn State unfold with fascination and disgust.  There were lots of stories published about lots of different people, and through it all,...
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The best lessons from the worst bosses

I’ve worked for a lot of bosses in my career, and have also heard war stories from friends, colleagues, and clients. A good boss is golden, but a bad boss will teach you so much about life, leadership, and organizations. When you are in the thick of it with a bad...
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