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How to Talk About Sexual Harassment on Twitter

When my Twitter explodes with the latest wave of high volume discussion about sexual harassment or violence, my blood pressure rises. These days, it seems so easy – and acceptable – to shoot a dagger into a stranger’s ego – or heart –...

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Reflections on Consent and Culture in the Wake of Aziz Ansari

As the names come forward – today, Aziz Ansari, tomorrow, a new one – it’s the same formula. A story about an incident. Some backlash or dismissing. Some condescending reminders that sexual violence is wrong. And then a new story breaks. The relentless focus on the...

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Yo, can I get a hug? And other hugging dilemmas.

In the wake of #MeToo, I’ve been hearing some chatter about hugging. Some generally huggy people are second-guessing their hugging instincts. Some people are lamenting the potential end of the hug. Others are wondering how to ask about hugs without making everyone...

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You are my Person of the Year. You are my Silence Breaker.

Today’s cover of TIME Magazine named the “Silence Breakers” as Person of the Year. These are the men and women who added their voice to a growing conversation about sexual violence as a part of the #MeToo movement.  You don’t need to be on the...

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A Friend Was Sexually Assaulted: What do I do?

What You Need To Know: When a friend discloses to you, you may feel a range of emotions: shock, surprise, denial, sadness or anger. Whatever you are feeling, it’s normal and natural. But don’t let your emotions stand in the way of being a supportive,...

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