What if – instead of avoiding uncomfortable conversations about sexual harassment and violence – we could just get better at having them?

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Sarah Beaulieu is the author of Breaking the Silence Habit: A Practical Guide to Uncomfortable Conversations in the #MeToo Workplace. She is a speaker and consultant who trains workplaces and managers on skills-based sexual harassment prevention and response. Her expertise has been featured in multiple news outlets, including Fox News, Harvard Business Review, the Associated Press, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, NPR, AskMen, and the Boston Business Journal. In 2018, Sarah, along with Russ Hammonds, co-founded An Uncomfortable Conversation, a nonprofit YouTube channel that helps people engage in meaningful conversations about sexual violence through short videos. A proud graduate of Brown University, Sarah lives with her family in Boston, Massachusetts.

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Conferences and Keynotes

Sarah brings both a spark and an edge to any keynote or panel. Her style combines humor, empathy and relatable moments – grounded in a deep personal mission to create a world where sexual violence no longer exists. Sarah’s personal resilience in the face of trauma inspires audiences to engage in the uncomfortable conversations required to transform our lives and communities. 

Training for Managers

As a manager, you can play a role in preventing and responding to sexual harassment by learning to break the silence habit and implement a practice of uncomfortable conversations on your team.

Training for Workplaces 

Grounded in business research on change management, behavioral science and habit formation, Sarah’s approach to sexual harassment prevention and response focuses on skills, not just compliance.

Author and Expert

Sarah’s book, Breaking the Silence Habit: A Practice Guide to Uncomfortable Conversations in the #MeToo Workplace, provides practical guidance on sexual harassment and response. Sarah is a trusted voice sought out by leaders and the media.  

Beaulieu takes the audience on a journey that is not only filled with plenty of wit, humor, and relatable moments but with personal antidotes and moments of humble introspection that will leave you rethinking about the ways in which we approach our own uncomfortable conversations.

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Writing and Appearances

Talking about sexual harassment and violence is an essential skill for every professional, parent, and young person in today's world.

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