Living in a Binary World

Living in a Binary World

As a woman who dated both women and men before marrying my husband, I encountered many inconsistent beliefs and attitudes about my non-binary sexuality. I wasn’t straight enough to hang out with straight girls – they were afraid I might come on to them or steal their...
Living in a Binary World

The Things I Learned from Mark Edwards

It’s become a bit of a ritual to write about boss’ and colleagues when we part ways. It’s a helpful way to reflect on what you learn from others, and to honor the relationship you had during that professional chapter of your life. Almost a year ago, Mark Edwards...

Not my glory days.

I don’t know about you, but Glory Days doesn’t really apply to my experience of high school. I spent much of high school wanting to die or run away. I didn’t like myself at all. Most days, I despised myself. I cared so much about what other people thought...

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