The Shame Spiral: A primer in shame monsters

What if?

In the wake of terror and tragedy in my home city, my heart aches with the great “what if” for family, friends, and strangers. Violence is, of course, senseless. Yet it is our human nature that wants to make sense of it – to feel safer and more in...

Get Uncomfortable

Sexual violence touches on pretty much every taboo topic in America: sex, gender, family, privacy, intimacy. As such, it evokes such powerful and raw emotions. Talking about might make us uncomfortable, but not talking about it will make us feel so much worse. The...

The Whole Story

Here’s the challenge with blog posts – they are a great medium for capturing a moment, a feeling, an idea. Not all of my moments, feelings, and ideas. I recently wrote a post for Good Men Project about honoring men’s commitment to survivors of sexual...
The Shame Spiral: A primer in shame monsters

Not Angry Anymore

In 1999, the year I graduated college, Ani DiFranco, my favorite angry girl rocker, came out with a song, Not Angry Anymore.  It was about how she understood what all the fighting was about, but she just wasn’t going to be angry anymore.  It’s a beautiful...

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