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Four Things Every College Freshman Should Know About Sexual Violence

It’s real. You are going to college. You visited campus, signed on the dotted line, and started planning out the décor for your dorm room. Your freshman year of college is a time of excitement, intense learning, and independence. New friends. New experiences. New...

Stuck in the Middle

 I've been told that, as a member of Generation X, I'm supposed to translate between Millennials and Baby Boomers in the workplace.  In other words, I often find myself in the middle, mediating, negotiating, and translating. Like most conflicts, it's mostly about both...

Girl, I would build cities for you

What would you say to your closest friend if she were raped or sexual assaulted?  How would you respond?  What words of comfort would you offer him? Sometimes, we are afraid to say anything.  We are afraid to say the wrong thing, or not the best thing.  Or, we might...